Penta, originally a Greek prefix, represents the number five.
Five symbolizes balance. The Mayans considered the number five the number of perfection. We expirience five sences, every animal on Earth that has fingers or toes has five of them. We also have five limbs including the most important, our head. There are five classic elements on Earth. Five is the union, or sum, of the first female number and the first male number; and is the symbol of creative life and erotic life, but also the number of revolt. Five is the only odd untouchable number.
Five is the number of balance.

Repentance is looking back and understanding the existence of possibilities. One does not have to falter inorder to repent, there is always something better. While repentance is looking back, One must look to the future just as much as the past in order to achieve balance in the present.

Life is an endless desire for a balance between memorys and stimulation, legacy and potential, achivements and desires, You are balancing on the seam between the past and the future. This balance brings peace, or pax in latin.


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